Royalty Free Music & Sound Effects Library

for the education sector

A single centralised platform, offering sound effects and royalty free music for education

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Illustrated Waves

100% Royalty Free

That's right!  All music is created by our in-house professional artists.  All music and sound effects under our licences are royalty free and are therefore available for use in school assignments, student films and end-of-year projects.


What We Offer

Access a variety of high-quality musical tracks, a range of genres, unlimited seats and unorthodox sound effects.

From 150 audio files to 300+.

Student Centred

At such a formative stage in their education librari will  benefit students in developing their musical ear, meaning higher grades and more enthusiastic learners.

Hear what students say

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Avatar 111

“I had to spend a lot of time searching the internet for royalty free samples to fit the mood of the project.”

Don't take our word for it...

Does the lack of a proper musical resource affect your creativity and thus, your final grades?

Avatar 89

“It DOES, as your editing has to take a knock, due to having fewer options.”

Avatar 106

Yes, I had difficulty finding these types of music.”


Was there enough music present online for you to choose from?

Were you in need of, string arrangements, ambient sounds, structured beats?