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Leaving The Nest

Every student, pupil and young person in general is a whirlpool of energy and creativity. Our royalty free music for education is the perfect tool for budding musicians, film-makers and editors to take their projects and creations to the next level, upping their game, along with their love of learning, imagination and personal expression.




The music and SFX at Librari are of a very high quality, covering a variety of genres, styles and functions. This gives students the scope they need to really stretch their creative legs and expand their horizons. A high-quality, varied musical and SFX pool can be the basis for fantastic, original creations. It can help students, not only to achieve the best grades, but also in equipping them with real self-knowledge, in terms of developing their own style and voice, before they go forward into the real world.

The Librari resource is perfect for those studying Film and Media, Diplomas in Film Technology or Digital Film Production or BTEC Level 3 Animation, to name but a few examples.

Music Genres




A collection of tracks designed to inspire a sense of beauty and serenity in the listener. Perfect for film projects set in stunning locations.



Perfect for high-energy, theatrical pieces. Our Drama tracks use a lot of strings to convey a sense of high-art performance.




Melancholic pieces for a more down-beat film or piece of media. Set a down-trodden, depressive tone with these tracks.



Sweet tunes to bring a tear to the eye of the listener. Perfect for romantic or family drama pieces.





These tracks are for the next Hitchcock or Kubrick, bringing an air of suspense to any thriller or mystery.



Afro-inspired tunes to get the heart pumping – The songs that inspired this whole service! Check out our About Us page for more info.






Cheerful and Optimistic tracks to lift the mood of a film or artistic piece.


Chill Beats


Relaxed and laid-back tunes, suitable for a variety of projects, films and digital art pieces.






A wide range of funky beats to inject some energy into your project.


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Sound Effects



Ambient and Alien

A variety of atmospheric, strange and unusual sounds, perfect for sci-fi and horror pieces.

Synth Wave Frequency

Glitches, beeps, distortion, radio frequencies and electronic pulses, to bring your machines to life.

Nature, Animals and Weather

Sounds you might find in a forest, at sea and in nature. Calming, serene and peaceful.



Mechanical Machinery


Robotic, industrial sound effects, perfect for Science Fiction films and pieces.

Props FX


Onomatopoeic effects for actions, movements, interactions etc. (bike chains, door bells, fire alarms, music chimes, swipes that sound like punches flying, etc.)

Human Sounds and Footsteps


Bring motion and suspense to audio pieces and films.



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The Right Music

Have a look at some of these examples of finished pieces made using Librari songs and effects. Having the ability to choose the right music and alter it to your needs is an essential resource for up-and-coming creators in the classroom and in the wider world. Give them the power to create feeling, suspense and immerse the audience with Librari.

Like what you see?

Equip your students to create to a similar standard with the educational Librari resource.
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