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Librari is a useful and important resource for all Media, Film and Audiovisual students from all backgrounds and with all personalities. Royalty free music for education is hard to come by, wasting students’ time on assignments and limiting their creative output. Librari gives them the ability to create high-quality pieces of media and grow their creative brain with a one-time payment.

No subscriptions to lock you in, no hidden recurring payments; just great music and SFX.




Our Process


Select your package

Basic or Premium. The Premium package contains our full library of sounds and music, completely royalty free, for students to use in projects and films. If you do choose the Basic package, there is always the option to Upgrade to Premium later on.


Confirm your one-time purchase

 Either through our payment portal or by getting in contact through any of our contact channels
(tel: 07875 157 529,


Receive Music

You will receive a separate email containing our digital file suite, complete with all music and SFX relevant to your package. These comprise music and SFX mp3s, fully dissectible and usable for projects, films and art pieces.


Get making!

Students now have access to a completely unique library of sounds and original musical tracks to elevate their creation, improve their grades and fully equip them to go forward as the creators of the future.


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Invoice Enquiry





We offer a Basic and a Premium package, with an Upgrade package available to take you from Basic to Premium, if you desire, later on. Both packages feature a diverse library of music and SFX, completely royalty-free. Only the premium package, however, is licensed for commercial use.

6 genres of music and 3 genres of SFX
Our full library of royalty free music along with all SFX
Move from Basic to Premium




Can I use your songs and effects for commercial use? 

Our Premium package is optimised for commercial use. It contains our full library of songs and SFX and can be used in any commercial project for public use.


Will your packages take up a lot of disk space on our PCs? 

You might be worried about a large music library taking up a lot of hard drive space on school or university computers. Don’t be. Our Basic and Premium packages are only 635.9MB and 1.27GB, respectively, so there’s no danger of massive chunks of data clogging up your systems.


Is there any payment method I can use besides the online payment portal? 

Yes! If your payment options aren’t as simple as clicking the buttons on the site, feel free to give us a call now on 07875 157 529, message us in our chat section or email us at to unlock this vital resource for your school or university.



music production company  selling Royalty free music for students and and schools/universities  music production company  selling Royalty free music for students and and schools/universities  music production company  selling Royalty free music for students and and schools/universities


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