Can I use your songs and effects for commercial use?

Our Premium package is optimised for commercial use. It contains our full library of songs and SFX and can be used in any commercial project for public use.

Will your packages take up a lot of disk space on our PCs?

You might be worried about a large music library taking up a lot of hard drive space on school or university computers. Don’t be. Our Standard and Premium packages have a mp3 alterntive that is significantly (10x) smaller than our high quality respective wav. format. So there’s no danger of massive chunks of data clogging up your systems.

Is there any payment method I can use besides the online payment portal?

Yes! If your payment options aren’t as simple as paying via our payment portal, feel free to give us a call on 07875 157 529, message us in our chat section or choose the "Invoice Us" option in our Pricing & Plans to unlock this vital resource for your school or university.

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- Ministerial And Public Communication Division

August 2021