Throughout our process it’s been key to work with and respond to the views, thoughts and ideas of the young people we’ve spoken to. This has allowed us to create Librari with students at its core.

We wanted to hear and feel what they were lacking so we could go away and create something that was of genuine worth to them.



The footprint of student creation is visible throughout our site, just as it is in the Librari suite itself.

Our logo for example was created by a young film maker, musician, animation designer and now model Kai Forbes, who attended Reigate College. He was the catalyst for the creative side of our website.

Our videos were created by Boma West, a young innovative Pixel artist and animator who graduated University of Creative Arts in Farnham and now has gone on to have a successful YouTube channel with over 50k subs and Millions of views.

All our SFX by Johnathan Shaw, an astute music composer and sound designer who recently completed his Master’s Degree in Music Composition at the University of Surrey.

All the music was created and sourced by our CEO, Jake Cunningham, a driven and passionate young creative from London.

After speaking to budding artists and creators, past and present, all over the country, it came to our attention that students are neglected when it comes to the very basic resources that they need to create anything close to the ideas in their heads.



A lot of the time, no matter where creatives find themselves in the education system or in their respective careers, we find that they’re often a little misunderstood. Librari is an opportunity for students, during their courses, to explore their own creativity and expand their artistic horizons – creating, inventing and redefining media, film and music.


Our product is simple: we produce high-quality royalty free music for the educational sector, with students at our core. This service saves time for students as they find music and SFX that work for their pieces and lets them off the creative leash, boosting the quality of the final art pieces, improving grades and equipping students to go forward with confidence in their creative voice.

If you’d like to take advantage of our valuable resource, head to our Price Plan page to see our available options, or give us a call on 07875 157 529, message us in our chat or email us at to learn more.

We’re passionate about giving young creatives a chance, so please Support here:

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A very special shout-out and thank you, also, to all the students who participated in our questionnaires and were able to use our service. Without you there would simply be no Librari!